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Date added: 01/07/2012 50% of Annual Profits are Donated to Charity!

DopeHut donates 50% of annual profits towards the eradication of disease!


Q: Why 50%? Why not 30% or 100%?

A: DopeHut is not a non-profit. DopeHut is a Benefit Corporation that donates 50% of profits. This allows DopeHut to contribute a significant amount of profits towards charity, while still being able to expand like a traditional corporation. DopeHut chooses to donate 50% to represent our goal of sustainable philanthropy.

Q: So, I've heard of some other companies that donate money. How is this any different?

A: As a Benefit Corporation, DopeHut is able to permanently incorporate philanthropy into our business. Benefit Corporations are required to have clearly stated social/environmental goals and higher levels of transparency. 

Q: Why donate money towards the eradication of disease? What about the environment, education, or other causes?

A: DopeHut is a proof of concept for a new model of sustainable philanthropy. As one of the first Benefit Corporations in America, DopeHut must prove that this model is actually feasible, sustainable, and beneficial. Curing diseases is a clear goal that relates to EVERYONE; the eradication of disease is a goal that can be objectively measured. Although the eradication of disease is DopeHut's main purpose, we are still highly committed to continuously improving our environmental standards and serving our community.  

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